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Count Application

A powerful count application that can be used on 95%+ of the devices in the market.

Counting functionality & audit controls are configured to customer specification. System driven features enforce counting behaviors and audit parameters.

Compliance & Controls

Each OmniCounts client is provided with their own private virtual infrastructure. Data is transported over private message queues, consumed and processed by client specific worker processes and stored within client-specific data stores. Our platform employs blockchain technology to ensure results are accurate and complete.

OmniCounts SOC Annual Report is an unqualified opinion. The platform allows the store to complete a blind count and enforces audit requirements.


Count information is uploaded real time and made visible. The store dashboard guides users through to meet count completion. The stores' progress is summarized for field managers and corporate staff to monitor live.

Data Transfer

We will receive and send back your data in the desired format. Typical files include item master, stock on-hand and output file. Transfer method includes email, sFTP and API integration.


The app only functions after being activated through a magic link and is deactivated 

 once the count is complete. Dashboards are only accessible by specified users and information is tailored to each user.

Training & Support

Training and support are included. We have 24/7 support and partner with our customers to develop a deployment & training plan to ensure stores are confident in executing their own count.


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