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Third party counting services relied heavily on our stores to direct and complete the inventory count accurately.  It is so much better for our stores to do it on their own with this solution.

- Director of Inventory Control

Stores thought they were still having to use previous vendor for their counts. They were so disappointed. Once they realized they were going to use the OmniCounts solution, they were ecstatic!

- Director of Operations

Empower your teams

Our previous provider was not easy to work with, we could never get a hold of them and when we did, we often got handed off to the support desk.  OmniCounts creates the time for us and I really appreciate that.

- Director of Loss Prevention

 My employees love using their phones instead of old scanners... It is nice to use something that is functioning and user friendly. We are very pleased and happy, excited to work with you guys!

- Global retailer with over 3,000 store locations

We have been hearing amazing things about OmniCounts and have been dying to try it. I am fortunate enough to be the first to use it from the West Coast Group. This is by far the easiest solution to inventory. It is fantastic, so simple to use and makes my job so much easier. I don't have to be at the store anymore to observe the Inventory, I can do four stores at a time remotely.

- Regional Auditor

Manage more with less

Our Regional Manager's no longer have to travel to the counts. They can now have multiple counts going at once and monitor live. We can now complete inventories in a couple weeks while saving time, labor and expense.

- Retail Technology Manager

When 30% of our counts were canceled with only 10 days notice, we were able to get OmniCounts in place and the stores training & counting on their own under 2 weeks. Inventories are way quicker than what they used to be!

- Retail Standards & Operations

Gain reliability & efficiency

I don't know what I'd do without you guys! We've used the labor service and rented equipment, neither worked for our stores. We have new store managers all the time and they are unfamiliar with inventory process, your solution is perfect for them.. Minimal training and so easy to use!

- Accessory & Footwear retailer with 300 store locations

 Counting the store ourselves we had a much more accurate count as my team knew exactly where everything vs having to explain it to an outsider.

- Store Manager

Total control over the inventory in terms of knowledge of the store and product as well as ease and comfort navigating the store. It is always slightly uncomfortable, especially during a pandemic, to have strangers in your store.

- Store Manager

Intuitive & designed for retail staff

Speed, ease, low stress!

- Store Manager

Doing our own counting is much quicker because of how quickly we can identify the product. I like being able to see the live updates on the count as well. Also great that the system works on multiple devices.

- Store Manager

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