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Inventory for Modern Retailing

Improving accuracy & reliable results through on-demand counts


App-Based Counting

There's an app for that! Our powerful count application is broadly compatible with new and existing devices. iOS and Android compatibility means instant availability from public or private app stores.

Immediate Visibility

Gain immediate insights through our dashboard without having to be on-site! Count Information is seamlessly passed back to your inventory recording system.

What We Offer

Full Store Counts

Complete end-of-year audits, target store or mid-year replenishment counts with our easy-to-use count platform. 

If we take out all the hassle, could inventory actually be fun?

Cycle Counts

Whether it's weekly, monthly, daily or seasonal counts, easy count execution is available at your store's fingertips. 

Ad Hoc

The most flexible counting platform allows for counts on the spot, whenever needed.  Conduct new store opening counts or insurance counts for theft or natural disasters. Other count events such as receiving, recalls and store transfers are available.

Why Us


Experienced & Trusted

With decades of experience working with retailers across the globe, we've seen just about all. We know how to alleviate the typical burdens, complexities and frustrations around inventory counting and audits.

Our inventory impassioned & customer first culture makes conducting inventory counts seamless & enjoyable!

Patented Architecture

Having designed and maintained inventory platforms before, we've taken years of learning and paired that with the latest technology available on the market.

Our private cloud infrastructure allows for a highly secure and scalable solution while preventing data corruption and provides rapid customization.  Patent-pending block-chain technology ensures results are complete.

Responsive & Adaptable

Invest in a solution that will grow & adapt to evolving strategies.  Keep your processes up to date and eliminate limitations caused by rapidly evolving technology..



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