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Full Store Inventory


Complete annual inventory, target stores or mid-year replenishment counts. Our flexible approach allows you to leverage existing in-store devices, utilize mobile devices or purchase low cost supplemental devices. 

  • Location based identifiers 

  • Personalized product handling prompts including not on file, out of stock and quantity entry

  • Role based access & user activity reporting

  • Audit selection, tracking and enforced controls 

  • Real time variances with tailored views for in-store, field users and head office users

  • Integration with existing systems to match current requirements 

  • Progress, performance and exception monitoring

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Cycle Counts


Improve upon existing cycle counting procedures or achieve a heightened level of confidence in stock values by proactively verifying inventory levels. Maximize sales, reduce shrinkage and losses, streamline operations, and enhance customer service.

  • Systematically initiate & automate product categories to be counted

  • Select variable categories to count across stores

  • Time-based enforcement for count completion accountability

  • Variance correlation & attribute reporting

  • Integration with existing systems 

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Ad Hoc


Empower your business with the flexibility and agility needed to adapt to various situations while maintaining accurate inventory records. With just a simple tap on our app, you can initiate a full store or partial count effortlessly.

  • Store acquisition or manager turnover

  • Recalls, transfers

  • Seasonal, pop up, or promotional events

  • Store opening, closing or relocation

  • Loss prevention, high shrink, theft

  • Disaster recovery

How it Works


Any Device

Break free from the constraints of outdated, cumbersome devices and embrace the unparalleled flexibility of using the devices you already have in-store to effortlessly count inventory. With our solution, you also have the freedom to develop kits for rotation or utilize mobile devices. 

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Our Platform

Empower your business with the freedom to count inventory on your terms, simplifying the process and maximizing productivity. Our solution promotes simplicity through a widely compatible scanning app while delivering real-time results and comprehensive reporting through an online dashboard. Designed with retail staff in mind, the intuitive and user-friendly software ensures little to no training. It seamlessly integrates with any retail system, allowing for effortless data synchronization.

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Your People

By leveraging your staff for inventory counts, you promote a culture of ownership and accountability, ensuring efficient inventory management and optimizing productivity. Additionally, your staff's expertise enables swift issue resolution, enhancing operational efficiency.

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