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Simple & Straightforward

We believe in simplicity and clarity, so we offer pricing without any hidden costs, variable rates, or peak pricing. Our goal is to provide you with a pricing structure that allows you to focus on improving upon your inventory procedures without any financial surprises.

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Full Store Counts


We understand the importance of completing annual inventory counts on time and reliably. These counts can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, often accompanied by high costs. 
Eliminate costs associated with last-minute count cancellations or rescheduling, which can waste weeks of payroll spent on count preparation. 


  • Meets SOC 1 Compliance

  • Built-in Audit & Verification Controls

  • Location ID Tags 

  • Live monitoring & post-count reporting

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Cycle Counts


Achieve greater confidence in stock values, prevent over or under-replenishment, and mitigate inventory degradation by implementing a more frequent counting strategy. By adopting regular counting practices, retailers can identify issues promptly, reduce shrinkage and losses, optimize replenishment, streamline operations, and ultimately enhance customer service. 

  • Weekly, Monthly, or Seasonal

  • Automate reporting for creating cycle count items

  • Scheduled counts are sent down to the app 

  • Immediate variance reporting & reconciliation

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Ad Hoc


Store operations are subject to various changes and challenges, ranging from store openings and closings to manager turnover, theft, and high shrink. Ad hoc programs can be developed as a stand-alone offering or packaged into an all-inclusive rate with cycle counting and/or full store inventories.
Seamlessly capture inventory counts through the opening of an app to streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and provide valuable insights into stock levels.


  • Theft, high shrink 

  • Seasonal or promo

  • Manager turnover, acquisition, store openings or closing

  • And more

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