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Your People + Our Platform

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Count with Confidence

Leverage your knowledgeable store associates to count inventory. They are responsible for preparation, oversight, and recovery for inventory counts, transitioning to self-counting is easier than you think.

Control your schedule and count when most convenient. Explore new workflows that optimize  staff availability. Share staff between stores or create count teams to meet count staffing needs.

Retailers on average experience a 30% increase in accuracy, 50% less recovery time and 40% more schedule reliability and availability when using their own staff to count.

Effortless Installation & Flexible Use

Our counting application is highly customizable and fully compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. It  can be easily downloaded from app stores or conveniently deployed through your Mobile Device Management (MDM) system. 

Utilize in-store devices, personal devices, or develop rotational kits. This flexibility allows for effortless installation and ensures that you can leverage the application across a wide range of devices.

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Data-Driven Count Empowerment 

Gain insights, proactively identify issues and optimize count practices with actionable real-time data. 

Our intuitive platform provides real-time visibility into count progress, performance metrics, and exception data. 

We use your requirements for data sharing and compatibility with existing systems. No changes are needed to work with our solution.

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